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Online Giving

Welcome, and thank you for your gift to the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign. Your generosity will help further discovery and education, and drive change in science and medicine in the years to come.

Please indicate the donation amount and which fund(s) you would like your donation directed to. Then click on "Continue Donation" at the bottom. Next, you will be prompted to confirm your donation. Then you will be directed to the University of Illinois Foundation's secure Online Giving site for your personal and credit card information.

For detailed information on any of the funds, please visit our Gift Information Page.

Thank you for your support.

Research and Curriculum

Cancer Research $
Internal Medicine Residency $
Intro to Human Disease Fund $
Swartz/Flood MSP Fund $
Visek Lectureship Fund $
William E. Sorlie Award $

Scholarship and Support

Barbara Houseworth Emergency Loan Fund $
Bloomfield MSP Fund $
Diane Gottheil Award Fund $
MSP MD/MBA Award $
O' Morchoe Leadership Award $

Unrestricted Donor Funds

AMA ERF Student Aid $
Medical Scholars Program $
UICOM-UC Dean's Fund $
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