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UIC Statement of Professionalism

I. D: Statement on Professional Behavior

Medicine is a profession that requires not only the mastery of a large body of knowledge and the acquisition of clinical skills, but also high standards of behavior and appropriate attitudes. In addition to fulfilling all academic requirements, students are required to display attitudes, personal characteristics, and behaviors consistent with accepted standards of professional conduct. Students who do not may (a) be required to complete satisfactorily additional activities/experiences specified by the appropriate site committee and approved by the College Committee on Student Promotions or (b) be dropped from the College of Medicine. Satisfactory completion of additional activities/experiences may result in a delay in the student's normal progress toward graduation. Alternately, the appropriate site administrative officer may opt to prefer disciplinary charges through the senate judiciary. The following personal characteristics are among those observed and evaluated throughout the medical curriculum. Students are expected to demonstrate these characteristics, both in their academic and personal pursuits.


Displays uprightness of character and honesty in all situations and interactions; is able to identify information that is confidential and maintain its confidentiality.

Interpersonal relationships

Provides support and is empathetic in interactions with peers, patients, and their families. Interacts effectively with "difficult individuals." Demonstrates respect for and complements the roles of other professionals. Is cooperative, easy to work with, and earns respect.


Independently identifies tasks to be performed and makes sure that tasks are completed satisfactorily. Performs duties promptly and efficiently. Is willing to spend additional time and to assume new responsibilities. Is able to recognize when help is required and when to ask for guidance.


Completes tasks promptly and well. Arrives on time and actively participates in clinical and didactic activities. Follows through and is reliable.


Is actively concerned about others. Maintains a positive outlook toward others and toward assigned tasks. Recognizes and admits mistakes. Seeks and accepts criticism and uses it to improve performance.


Demonstrates ability to accept people and situations. Acknowledges his/her biases and does not allow them to affect patient care or contribute to threatening or harassing interactions with others, including peers, faculty, staff, and other professionals.

Function under stress

Maintains professional composure and exhibits good personal clinical judgment in stressful situations.


Displays appropriate professional appearance and is appropriately groomed.

Emergency/Extreme Weather
If conditions require the cancelling of classes or closure, the college will broadcast an announcement on this website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Review the full Emergency Action Plan.
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