1. Outline the steps in exam room presentations and practice the language used.
  2. Discuss possible scenarios of challenges that could occur in the room and appropriate ways to respond.
  3. Discuss how to use the patient beside in different ways based on the level or need of the learner.
  4. Related to your discipline, discuss possible precepting models and ways these models could best promote teaching/learning goals.

Inpatient Medicine

  1. Outline a patient –centered rounding model for your service including essential components, people involved, and roles of each
  2. Discuss how to implement this model including where, when, and how
  3. List next steps and assign tasks to group members
  4. Things to consider – faculty development, resident education, institution support, patient education, outcome measures

FM Residents

  1. Outline possible roles for team members – attending, senior, junior, intern
  2. Brainstorm on how to prepare for bedside rounds – including workflow plan
  3. Practice presenting at the bedside with appropriate language

Inpatient surgery

  1. How can you adapt the patient-centered teaching model demonstrated to your service?
  2. What components of bedside teaching could help meet your educational and patient-care needs?
  3. Discuss the role of each member of a rounding team.
  4. Make goals for appropriate next steps.
    1. Education

      1. Discuss the educational value of bed-side teaching.
      2. What concerns do you anticipate arising from the learner and how should we best address these?
      3. Do you see this translating to other areas of medical education or other areas of the current curriculum?
      4. Discuss possible research opportunities including educational, quality improvement and outcomes.