Faculty Development Institute: To Teach, to Assess, to Inspire
Lessons Learned

Assessment of Learner using RIME

  1. Reporter - Accurately gather and clearly communicate clinical facts. Recognize normal from abnormal. Identify new problem. Know what to look for. “What?” SO
  2. Interpreter - Prioritize among problems. Offer differential diagnosis and make case for and against. Interpret data from tests. “Why?” A
  3. Manager - Develop and defend a diagnostic and therapeutic plan for each problem. Decide when action eneds to be taken. Analyze risk/benefit balance. “How?” P
  4. Educator - Define questions to explore in more detail and share new learning with others.

General Teaching Principles:

Communicate goals between learner, teacher, institution, Use every opportunity, Control teaching session, Aim for optimal stress, Stimulate continued self-learning

The Microskills Model

  1. Get a commitment: Ask, “What do you think is going on?”
  2. Probe for supporting evidence: Ask, “How did you arrive at that conclusion?”
  3. Teach General Rules: Teach general principles
  4. Reinforce what was right: Commend what the learner did right, give feedback
  5. Correct Mistakes: Provide corrective feedback and initiate plan to address mistakes

To Teach – To Question : Stimulates clinic problem solving

How to Give Feedback