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i>clicker is a response system that enables students to respond to questions posed during class. Students can be graded on that feedback and/or in-class participation.

  • As part of the online i>clicker registration, students should use their NetID in the Student ID field.
  • Student Guide: How to use your i>clicker
  • i>clicker Quick Start Guide
  • Prepare or copy/paste your questions in the application of your choice to incorporate them into your lecture. You can use any application, including (but not limited to): PowerPoint, Adobe, Word, Notepad, etc).
  • Training sessions from i>clicker are available daily. Visit iclicker.webex.com to register for a training session.
  • If the COM Helpdesk is unavailable or unable to answer your question, technical support is available via email at support@iclicker.com or toll free at 1-866-209-5698. There is a live person on the line, and they are available 5 days a week, 9:00 am-11:00 pm Eastern, to answer questions.
  • Each clicker has a unique serial number on the back of the remote. This number can be hard to read after normal wear and tear. Please instruct students to write it down and to place a piece of scotch tape over that ID to preserve it.

  • Check out www.iclicker.com for FAQs.
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