Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources

The Employment Center is a web application that the general public and University of Illinois employees can use to submit applications or resumes electronically. They can request Civil Service examinations, submit Equal Employment Opportunity forms and access other general information about the University's hiring process. The Employment Center can also be used to view, and apply for, Academic Professional jobs that have been posted by campus departments.

NESSIE is a web application through which a new employee can electronically initiate new hire forms such as the Employee Information form and work history. Also through NESSIE, current permanent, benefits eligible University employees can electronically access information. For instance, an employee can change their address, withholding, or direct deposit directly through NESSIE. They can also view their earnings statement, benefits statement, and Notification of Appointment. Employees can also use this application to allow outside vendors access to employment verification information.

PANDA is a web application that the public can use to access information about employment at the University of Illinois. This site provides links to the Human Resources offices on all three campuses, general information about other Human Resources we-based applications, including the on-line Career Center located in NESSIE, and the Employment Center.

Staff Human Resources administers the Civil Service Staff human resource program as well as a wide range of employee and employer services.

The UIUC Office of Academic Human Resources administers the academic human resource program for faculty, academic professionals, academic hourly employees, and students with assistantships. A wide range of services for both unit supervisors and academic staff members is offered.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Office for Access and Equity provides The UIUC Academic Search Manual outlining the Search for Academic Appointment Process.


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