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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I register for CME courses?

You may register by contacting the hosting department listed next to the activity offered. See the activity page .

2. When are activities held?

There are ongoing CME activities such as Grand Rounds held every weekday in almost every department. In addition there are episodic, or one-time conferences, which are held about once a year (see courses).

3. Where do I get more information about individual University of Illinois CME activities?

To get more information, please call the contact person shown on the activity chart at the number listed.

4. If I am a faculty member in the University of Illinois College of Medicine, how do I apply to have my activity certified for CME credit?

To apply for CME credit, contact the CME office at (217) 383-3211 or via email at .

5. What is the deadline for submission of activity proposals?

Ideally, at least three months before the first date the activity takes place by the first of the month.

6. When should I expect to receive a certificate or transcript verifying my participation?

For episodic activities, certificates will be prepared within two weeks from the submission of the attendance list to the CME office following an activity.

CME transcripts are available upon request.



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