Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures

Graduate Medical Education Committee



Section 1. Composition

a. Regional Dean or Designee chairs the Committee as an ex officio member with vote.

b. Designated Institutional Official (DIO)

c. A Quality Improvement/Safety Officer.

d. A minimum of two peer selected residents/fellows from the sponsored residency programs, to be elected by his/her peers.

e. The Head of each Department of a sponsored residency program.

f. The Program Directors of each sponsored and affiliated program.

g. Three additional voting members elected at large by the faculty.

Section 2. Elections and Term of Office

The at-large members shall be elected to serve three-year terms which shall be staggered, a new member being elected annually.

Section 3. Functions and Responsibilities

The Committee shall:

a. Have oversight of the ACGME accreditation status of the Sponsoring Institution and its ACGME accredited programs, through an Annual Institutional Review and Annual Program Review.

b. Monitor the general academic quality of each of the sponsored or affiliated training programs to insure that such program is maintained in accordance with the standards and guidelines of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

c. Establish procedures for the periodic review of each specialty training program as required by the ACGME. These reviews shall include an analysis of the goals and objectives of each program, the plans formulated to achieve these goals, and the effectiveness of each program in achieving its stated goals.

d. Receive reports from and confirm or modify recommendations from any sponsored programs governing committee regarding resources, program content and curriculum.

e. Assist each program director in the following functions:
(1) Definition and implementation of the goals and objectives of his or her particular specialty training program, which goals shall be at a minimum those defined by the specialty residency review committee of the ACGME.
(2) Establishment of standards for the selection, supervision, evaluation, advancement and dismissal of residents participating in sponsored programs.

f. Review proposals for new residency programs and advise those department heads and/or program directors who are actively planning or expecting external accreditation for residency programs.

Section 4. Meetings

The Graduate Medical Education Committee shall meet as necessary, but no less than quarterly.

Approved by GMEC: 1/24/2014, 1/27/2017