Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures

Policy on Application for Renewal or New Affiliation Designation

For an initial request for affiliation and for annual review of affiliated programs the graduate medical education committee will expect the following:

  1. The academic department head will submit to the chair a recommendation for affiliation in writing to place the issue on the committee agenda. The academic department head in recommending affiliation is expressing the opinion that the residency program meets the requirements of its accrediting organization; meets academic standards of the College of Medicine; and possesses sufficient support that the programmatic needs for all residencies continue to be met.
  2. The academic department head must have a significant role in program governance to assure that the department provides adequate integration of graduate education with undergraduate and continuing education.
  3. The academic department heads and program directors of affiliated residency programs should consider seeking affiliation letters of agreement and clinical rotations with each of the major clinical partners of the College of Medicine.
  4. The academic department head will outline for the committee the basic educational structure of the program, and, for annual review of existing programs, areas of strength and areas in which the program is working to improve.
  5. For existing programs, the chair will review correspondence from the accrediting organization since the last site visit and, in the light of the correspondence and the information provided under point four, above, request advice of the academic department head for program improvement.


Approved by GMEC: 3/27/2015