Graduate Medical Education


Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures

Policy on Annual Program Performance Evaluation

The program director must appoint the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC).

The Program Evaluation Committee:
  1. must be composed of at least two program faculty members and should include at least one resident;
  2. must have a written description of its responsibilities; and,
  3. should participate actively in:

The program, through the PEC, must document formal, systematic evaluation of the curriculum at least annually, and is responsible for rendering a written Annual Program Evaluation (APE).

The program must monitor and track each of the following areas:
  1. resident performance;
  2. faculty development;
  3. graduate performance, including performance of program graduates on the certification examination;
  4. program quality; and,
  5. Residents and faculty must have the opportunity to evaluate the program confidentially and in writing at least annually, and
  6. The program must use the results of residents' and faculty members' assessments of the program together with other program evaluation results to improve the program.
  7. progress on the previous year's action plan(s).

The PEC must prepare a written plan of action to document initiatives to improve performance in one or more of the areas listed in sections above, as well as delineate how they will be measured and monitored.

The action plan should be reviewed and approved by the teaching faculty and documented in meeting minutes.



Approved by GMEC: 5/23/2014, 5/26/2017