Continuation of Graduate Medical Education (GME) Support in the Event of a Disaster.


Purpose:         To address administrative support for Graduate Medical Education in the event of a disaster or interruption of patient care.

Policy:             If an adequate educational experience cannot be provided by the affiliated clinical institutions, the University of Illinois will:

  1. Arrange temporary transfers of residents to other programs until such time as the University of Illinois Program can provide an adequate educational experience.  Such transfers would be managed as “away” rotations, the program remaining responsible for residents’ salaries and benefits and if necessary for medical liability insurance cost.
  2. If the program administration believes it indicated, permanent transfers to other programs will be facilitated.  Such decisions and processes will be managed expeditiously to maximize the chance that each resident will satisfactory complete the residency year.  On permanent transfer, the resident becomes the responsibility of the accepting institution.  Responsibilities of the accepting institution then include salary, benefits, liability insurance and count against that institutions resident cap.


The designated institutional official will contact the ACGME Institutional Review Committee Executive Director with information and/or requests for information.  Similarly Program Directors will contact the appropriate Review Committee Executive Secretary for information.  Residents may contact appropriate Review Committees for information.

Within ten days after declaration of a disaster, the DIO will contact ACGME to discuss due dates that ACGME will establish for the programs to submit program reconfigurations to the ACGME and or to inform each program’s residents of resident transfer decisions.

Due dates for submission to the ACGME for these documents will be no later than 30 days after the declaration of a disaster unless other due dates are subsequently approved by the ACGME.


Approved by GMEC: 3/28/2014