Graduate Medical Education


Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures

Policy on Resident Promotion

Through the course of training, a resident is expected to acquire increasing competence in the discipline in which he/she is training. Promotion to the next resident level (e.g., PGY1 to PGY2) is based on the achievement of program specific competence and performance parameters, including specific cognitive, clinical, technical skills, and professional and ethical conduct, as determined by the program.

Non-renewal of appointment or non-promotion: In instances where a resident’s agreement will not be renewed, or when a resident will not be promoted to the next level of training, the program must provide the resident with a written notice of intent no later than four months prior to the end of the resident’s current agreement. If the primary reason(s) for the nonrenewal or non-promotion occurs within the four months prior to the end of the agreement, the program must provide the resident with as much written notice of the intent not to renew or not to promote as circumstances will reasonably allow, prior to the end of the agreement.

If a resident's performance has been significantly deficient and additional training time is required, the program director with consent of his/her Advisory Committee may authorize an extension of the resident's contract.

Residents are allowed to implement the grievance and appeals policy if they receive a written notice either of intent not to renew their agreement(s) or of intent to renew their agreement(s) but not to promote.



Approved by GMEC: 9/27/2013, 5/20/2016