Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures

Policy on Special Review

POLICY:The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) will initiate a Special Review of Programs that are underperforming.

CRITERIA:The criteria to initiate a Special Review are listed below:

  1. Any adverse decision by the Resident Review Committee.
  2. Any unplanned site visit by the Resident Review Committee.
  3. Lack of progress on Resident Review Committee citations.
  4. Non-compliance with Program Performance Indicators - Attachment #1.
  5. Any request by a stake holder will be identified as:
    House Staff Association
    Participating Institution
    Sponsoring Institution



REPORT: The GME Special Review Report will be constituted by the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).  It is expected to have a written report two months after the Committee constituted.  The report will outline the areas of non-compliance as well as corrective action plans of the Residency.  The GMEC will receive reports monthly on progress of the Special Review.

Approved by GMEC: 10/25/2013, 11/18/2016