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Graduate Medical Education Policy for Transitions of Care

Purpose:        The Transitions of Care Policy is to provide guidance on the implementation of a standardized process for handoff of communication to ensure an effective transfer of patients among providers with the goal of maintaining patient safety.

General Policy:    

  1. The University of Illinois College of Medicine Graduate Medical Education Program has residents at multiple institutions; this policy refers to Transitions of Care at all of the participating clinical institutions.
  2. Each residency program shall be responsible for the development of a Transition of Care Policy for its program.  This Policy must include the principles stated according to the Common Program Requirements as outlined by the ACGME.
  3. Each residency must also identify and be compliant with the Transitions of Care Policies at each of the clinical participating sites.
  4. The participating residencies must ensure and monitor the effective structured handoff processes at the participating sites that pertain to residents and medical attendings at these sites in regard to both continuity of care and transitions of care.
  5. Each residency program must ensure that the residents are competent and confident in communicating with team members in the handoff process at the participating sites.

The handoff communication will occur when patients transition to different care settings or provider changes of care.  The residents are expected to handoff to another resident or medical attending who will assume care for the assigned patients.

Method of Handoff:
The method of handoff will be in compliance with the Handoff of Care Policies identified at each of the participating institutions.  The methods used at each of the participating sites will be developed at the site and may include a variety of handoff methods.

The supervision of the handoff processes may be direct or indirect by faculty or senior residents.

References:  ACGME Institutional Requirements effective July 1, 2015.


Approved by GMEC: 5/22/2015