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2017 ACP Illinois Downstate Student and Resident's Day

ACP Resident Award - Muhammad Ajmal, MD
1st Place Oral Vignette: Abeer Arain, MD
3rd Place Oral Vignette: Muhammad Junaid, MD
1st Place Doctors Dilemma: Team UIUC - Michael Kuhlenschmidt, MD, Vicky Kumar, MD, Saddam Yasin, MD

2017 Oral Vignette Competition

1st place: Abeer Arain, MD: A Sweet Mystery
2nd place: Muhammad Junaid, MD: Stiff as a Poker
3rd place: Fariha Khatri, MD: It's Not Always Eclampsia

Dr. Arain and Dr. Junaid will advance to compete at ACP Illinois Downstate Regional Competition held on October 17, 2017, Peoria, IL.

2016 ACP Downstate meeting winners:

Resident Research/QI Poster Competition:
2nd Place: Maryam Saeed: Improving Resident Confidence in Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain
3rd Place: Ravi Kodali: A Quality Improvement Project Comparing the Efficiency of "Straify R" versus "Johns Hopkins" Fall Risk Assessment Tools

Resident Clinical Vignette Poster Competition:
3rd Place: Sumeet Soni: Rare case of septic shock due to mycotic aneurysm caused by blunt trauma

Resident Oral Clinical Vignette Competition:
1st Place: Sindhura Ravindra: Answer lyse in B12
3rd Place: Michael Kuhlenschmidt: An Atypical Case of Cellulitis-an Unusual Cause of a Common Hospital Problem

Doctor's Dilemma Winning Team:
Ravi Kodali, Michael Kuhlenschmidt, and Rabel Misbah

We want to congratulate our 2016 Oral Vignette winners:

  • 1st place: Michael Kuhlenschmidt: An Atypical Case of Cellulitis - An Unusual Cause of a Common Hospital Problem
  • 2nd place: Sindhura Ravindra: Answer Lyse in B12
  • 3rd place: Muhammad Ajmal: Wild Type Transthyretin (TTR) Cardiac Amyloidosis as a Cause of Systolic Heart Failure and Acute Coronary Syndrome

Research Day, 2018

  • Best Oral Presentation: Manushi Aggarwal: Entamoeba Histolytic Colitis Caused By Indolent Pathologenic Strain
  • Best Resident Poster: Muhammad Junaid: A Rare Case Of Anomalous Right Coronary Artery Presenting As Myocardial Ischemia
  • Clinical Case Report: Muhammad Junaid: A Rare Case Of Anomalous Right Coronary Artery Presenting As Myocardial Ischemia
  • Quality Improvement and Patient Safety: Waqas Memon: Appropriate Use Of Inpatient Telemetry Monitoring

Research Day, 2016

  • Social Science/Humanities
    Dr. Simranjit Singh, IMRP Community Health Engagement
  • Clinical Research
    Dr. Vinod Kumar, Utilization of Stool Calprotectiv at Carle Foundation Hospital
  • Oral Clinical Vignette
    First Place - Dr. Syed Anwaruddin, Persistent Fever in a Painter
    Third Place - Dr. Robin Fernandes, Argentaffinoma Syndrome


Abstract submissions - August 6 for Oral Vignette Competitions at IMRP
ACP Downstate Abstract submissions - August 22

Meeting and competition dates:

IMRP Oral Vignette at PCMC, August 16
ACP Downstate in Springfield, IL, October 17

Introduction to Clinical Research and Scholarly Activities (ICRSA)

The ICRSA curriculum will be presented in three sessions over a dedicated, three week time period. There will be weekly (Friday), two hour, face-to-face instructional sessions combined with an estimated  four hours of outside, directed learning including on line modules and a writing assignment.

Residents will be assigned on-line PEAC modules (Evidence Based Medicine, parts 1 and 2) and CITI training. Completion of these modules will be required before the start of the seminars.
Additionally, residents will be required to create a draft of potential, actionable Quality Improvement Project to share with the group. Residents will also be offered the opportunity to collaborate on a reflective narrative suitable for publication in the IMRP Lets makes it CLER Newsletter.

Longitudinal requirements over the three-year training period include the preparation and presentation of a clinical vignette and quality improvement project. All internal medicine residents participate in monthly, senior resident-lead Journal Club activities, as well as Quality Review and Clinical Pathophysiology Conferences, and are strongly encouraged to collaborate with faculty on research projects currently in progress. Other scholarly activities include the Downstate American College of Physicians (ACP) Scientific Meeting, Illinois Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting, and various specialty meetings and conferences.


  • Introduce selected aspects of clinical and bio-medical research, including general research guidelines and protection of human subjects.
  • Promote new research skills and knowledge, and an attitude of scholarly critique and inquiry through self-directed learning.
  • Understand strategy for QI projects and develop actionable plan
  • Refine oral, written and poster presentations
  • Refine scholarly and narrative writing skills  

Link to PEAC modules:  

Link to CITI training:   

Information for Residents:


Beckman-Illinois Research Collaborative:

The Carle-Illinois workshop on internal medicine was held on January 26th 2018 at the Beckman Institute.

To stay in touch on this effort, please visit the form here:

We also have a Box folder to share materials:

Contact Dr Raiya Sarwar ( if you have any questions.


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