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i>clicker is a response system that enables you to respond to questions posed during class. You may be graded on that feedback and/or your in-class participation.

  • Register your i>clicker!
  • You are required to purchase an i>clicker remote (through any of the local bookstores) for in-class participation and voting.
  • Bring your clicker to class every day.
  • How to use your i>clicker
  • You must have come to class and voted on at least one question in order to complete this registration properly.
  • Tips:
    • Pull the plastic tab from the back of your remote before use to activate batteries; remind students to do the same.
    • Used clickers need their AAA batteries replaced (all of them).
    • Clickers need their batteries changed about 1-2 times per year.
    • Do not use Duracell batteries -- they are a bit short for the casing
    • Use rechargeable batteries at your own risk -- they may harm the clicker.

  • Check out for FAQs.
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