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The legal authority by which law and order are maintained within the academic community derives from the people of Illinois, whose representatives in the 1867 General Assembly issued the University its charter. Within the limits fixed by the Illinois Constitution and state laws, the Board of Trustees exercises final authority over the University, delegating certain duties to the president and other officers, and to the campus senates of the University.

According to the University of Illinois Statutes, the responsibility for administering a student disciplinary system is vested in a Senate Committee on Student Discipline. "Each senate shall establish a committee or other body concerned with student discipline. This body may appoint one or more subcommittees on which, unless the senate determines otherwise, there shall be voting student representatives. These subcommittees shall have original jurisdiction to hear and render decisions in all disciplinary cases, unless the body determines to exercise original jurisdiction."

The Senate Committee on Student Discipline shall have jurisdiction over the hearing and adjudication of the application of rules of student conduct to particular cases. Such jurisdiction does not include any right or responsibility with respect to the making of rules or regulations. Just cause for student discipline includes, but is not limited to:

Any conduct that violates any commonly recognized or generally accepted professional standard of the profession in which the student is training.

Any conduct that constitutes a violation of local, state, or federal law or any stated University or campus rule, regulation, or procedure.

Any conduct that results in damage, destruction, or mutilation of University property; that results in the unnecessary expenditure of University time and resources; or that constitutes misappropriation or willful waste of University funds or property.

Any conduct disruptive of the normal operations of the University, including that which interferes with the treatment of patients in the University of Illinois Hospital or any clinic or outpatient facility of the University and that which interferes with the conduct of the teaching, research, and study programs of the University.

Academic dishonesty includes:

giving or receiving unauthorized aid in any assignment or examination, plagiarism, or tampering with grades;

failure to answer truthfully questions on any application for admission, readmission, or registration;

failure to answer truthfully whenever providing information to be considered by the University in making any decision or falsification or alteration of any official University document;

any conduct that is inconsistent with accepted principles of responsible citizenship or that is in substantial disregard of the rights of others;

misuse or fraudulent use of a University of Illinois identification card whether at the University of Illinois or elsewhere. Student organizations that engage in activities designated (above) as just cause for disciplinary action may have their campus privileges suspended or revoked;

and officers and/or members may, as individuals, be subject to disciplinary action on the basis of their responsibility for or participation in the prescribed activities.

Discipline Procedures

The control of student discipline is vested in the Faculty Senate. The senate has established a Committee on Student Discipline and subcommittees for each college on the campus. In any charge of misconduct that is not handled by deans, these committees may impose discipline ranging from reprimand to expulsion. In the event a student is charged with misconduct, the procedures that control his or her case will be fully explained to him or her. Copies of the Student Discipline Procedures are available in the Office of Student Affairs.

Emergency/Extreme Weather
If conditions require the cancelling of classes or closure, the college will broadcast an announcement on this website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Review the full Emergency Action Plan.
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