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Recommended Equipment


Recommended Equipment

Essential Instruments/Supplies:
  • White coat (short, no colors please): 1 is supplied by COM, consider buying a second at Troy’s Uniforms (approx. $30) for convenience
  • UICOM-UC Name Tag: provided at Carle and other sites
  • Stethoscope (good quality, double tube recommended)
  • Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope (Welch-Allyn Halogen 3.5 volt, rechargeable is recommended) Reflex or neurological hammer (large rounded head is better)
  • Tuning forks x 2 (512 or 1024 Hz: 128 Hz)
  • Tape measure (non-stretch cloth, metric)
  • Penlight
Highly Recommended
  • Sphygmomanometer (may be purchased from non-medical stores) usually available on the wards
Other Useful Instruments/Supplies:
  • Nasal speculum (those which attach to otoscope are not recommended-hand held “pliers” type are best)
  • Pocket metric ruler
  • Dividers for ECG interpretation for 2 point discrimination Vials containing “scented” materials for assessing olfaction
  • Vials containing “scented” materials for assessing
Necessary Supplies usually available on the wards:
  • Examination gloves (disposable)
  • Tongue blades
  • Plastic Eye Protection, ideally glasses with side pieces (Cards to assess stool for occult blood)
  • Bag to contain the above instruments. Some students use a “camera bag.”

“Name brands” for medical instruments are Welch-Allyn, Propper (otoscopes/ophthalmoscopes); Littmann, Hewlett-Packard (stethoscopes). If you still receive a complementary stethoscope, consider using it initially. They are good quality and the added expense of another scope is probably not justified at this time.

Most costly items are diagnostic set>stethoscope>Sphygmomanometer

Emergency/Extreme Weather
If conditions require the cancelling of classes or closure, the college will broadcast an announcement on this website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Review the full Emergency Action Plan.
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