Medical Scholars Program


Mark A. Fletcher

Fabiani, M. Low, K. A., Tan, C. H., Zimmerman, B., Fletcher, M. A., Schneider-Garces, N., Maclin, E. L., Chiarelli, A. M., Sutton, B. P., Gratton, G., (2014). Taking the Pulse of Aging: Mapping Pulse Pressure and Elasticity in Cerebral Arteries with Optical Methods. Psychophysiology, 51 (11). 1072-1088. Psychophysiology

Zimmerman, B., Sutton, B. P., Low, K. A., Fletcher, M. A., Tan, C. H., Schneider-Garces, N., Li, Y., Ouyang, C., Maclin, E. L., Gratton, G., Fabiani, M., (2014). Cardiorespiratory fitness Mediates the Effects of Aging on Cerebral Blood Flow. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 7. 6-59. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience