Medical Scholars Program


Gus Lawrence

Sasser, T.L., Lawrence, G., Karunakaran, S., Brown, C., Fratti, R.A., (2013). The Yeast ATP-binding Cassette (ABC) Transporter Ycf1p Enhances the Recruitment of the Soluble SNARE Vam7p to Vacuoles for Efficient Membrane Fusion. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 288 (25). 18300-18310. Journal of Biological Chemistry

Lawrence, G., Brown, C. C., Flood, B. A., Karunakaran, S., Cabrera M., Nordmann, M, Ungermann, C., Fratti, R. A., (2014). Dynamic Association of the PI3P-Interacting Mon1-Ccz1 GEF with Vacuoles is Controlled Through its Phosphorylation by the Type 1 Casein Kinase Yck3. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 25 (10). 1608-1619. Molecular Biology of the Cell