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Teaching Assistant Clearing House

Teaching Assistants are responsible for assisting academic staff in the delivery of high quality education to undergraduate students on an hourly paid basis.

Teaching and learning will take place through a variety of methods according to the purpose of the class or tutorial. The methods include discussion, practical exercises, group work, presentations etc. There may be other comparable discipline area specific duties which will apply, but generally the specific duties will include: preparation, teaching, administration and assessment.

Teaching Assistants are responsible to the course co-ordinator for the unit that they are assisting. This may include liaising with academic staff on matters relating to preparation, teaching, administration and assessment.

The College of Medicine is committed to funding MD/PhD students in the Medical Scholars Program and preference will be given to such students in hiring of teaching assistants.  Experience has shown that the medical school curriculum is so demanding that holding appointment(s) totaling greater than 50% time interferes with academic performance.

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