Faculty Accolades Series: Dr. Marshall Garrick
Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Author’s Note: The Office of Advancement is proud to profile, through a series of short articles, College of Medicine faculty members who have received various grants, awards and special distinctions during the 2011-2012 school year for professionalism, dedication and achievements in their respective fields of science and medicine.



Marshall Garrick, M.D., Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry

Appointed “Life Fellow Membership” status in the American Psychiatric Association


With an area of focus in college psychiatry, Dr. Garrick has worked mainly in University Health Services and Community Mental Health Centers during the span of his career. “Both settings have allowed me to utilize a public health perspective,” he says of the experiences.

Prior to being appointed life fellow member, Dr. Garrick’s involvement in the APA included regular attendance of annual meetings, involvement with the College Psychiatry Group and Advisory Group to the Presidential Task Force on College Mental Health from 2005 to 2006, and writing for the organization’s publication – The American Journal of Psychiatry.

Dr. Garrick’s true passion in the APA, however, is revitalizing the field of College Psychiatry.

“College Psychiatry was an active area of study and vitality within the APA up to the 1960s,” he said of the recent decline. “With an initiative from the APA President in 2005, the presence of College Psychiatry within APA was enhanced.”

Upon receiving Life Fellow Membership status, Dr. Garrick felt a sense of “connectedness” to his profession.

“I think back to my residency when coincidentally, the Director of my facility, Jack Weinberg, was President of the APA. I remember my supervisor encouraging me to join APA as a resident,” he said. “The life fellow appointment… has extra personal significance for me.”



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Written by Payal Shukla

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