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Welcome to the Office of Continuing Medical Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Our goal is to build a healthy community. Continuing medical education provides an opportunity for life-long professional learning with access to the latest advances in the understanding and treatment of disease. In combination, these lead to the achievement of excellence in clinical practice, teaching, and research.

We strive to provide continuing professional learning that produces the following results:

  • Patient care that is compassionate and effective for the promotion of health and treatment of disease throughout the human life span.
  • Application of current knowledge of biomedical and social sciences to the benefit of the community.
  • Application of scientific evidence to improve clinical practice, teaching, and medical research.
  • Effective utilization of health system resources on behalf of patients.
CME Schedule:
1st Tuesdays
Clinical Pathological Conference at Carle(Noon)
1st Fridays
Infectious Disease Conference (Noon)
3rd Thursdays
Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference at Christie on University Ave. (Noon)
3rd Tuesdays
Medicine Grand Rounds (Noon)
3rd Wednesdays
Surgery Grand Rounds (7:00am)
4th Mondays
Advances in Clinical Practice (Christie on Windsor, Champaign) at 5:30pm

If you have any suggestions for programs, please contact CME administrator Kirsten Lawhead at


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