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Medical Humanities and Social Sciences Program

The purpose of the Medicine and Society clerkship is to acquaint the medical student with the societal influences on medical practice, the responses of physicians to this environment, and the ways in which the medical humanities and social sciences illuminate and enhance clinical practice. The clerkship will explore the history of the health care delivery system; pertinent laws dealing with medical practice; the economics of health care delivery; ethical dilemmas that arise in the practice of medicine including human subjects research, reproductive technologies, and end of life care; the concept of professionalism and its implications for practice; social and environmental determinants of health; cultural issues involved in the practice of medicine; and public perceptions and expectations of physicians that shape health care delivery and health policy. Health disparities, patient perspectives, communication, as well as class/income, race, ethnicity, disability, and gender serve as key focal points within the curriculum across all units of Medicine and Society.

Using a multidisciplinary approach to social aspects of medicine and health care, this clinical program is included in the M34 curriculum.

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Kathleen L. Collins, M.D.
College of Medicine, MHSS
Christie Clinic, 1801
West Windsor Rd. Champaign

Rita Knigh
(217) 383-3184

David A. Hyman, M.D., J.D.
316 Law Building
(217) 333-0061

Janet Liechty, Ph. D., M.S.W.
School of Social Work, MHSS
1207 W Oregon
(217) 265-0577

Brian L. Quick, Ph.D.
Department of Communication
Rm 103, 1207 W. Oregon St
(217) 333-3617

Fred M. Gottheil, Ph.D.
391 Commerce West
(217) 333-4591



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