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Residency Program

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Research and Scholarly Activity

We want to congratulate our oral vignette winners:

3rd place: Haris Bilal

2nd place: Roel Jamis

1st place: Gurusaravanan Sridharan

Vignette Winner

Roel and Guru will represent us at the ACP Associates’ Meeting in Springfield next month—good luck to you both!

Introduction to Clinical Research

This is a 2 week PGY I rotation to gain knowledge and understanding of general research guidelines and protection of human subjects. Additional research training takes place longitudinally throughout all 3 years of training. PGY II and PGY III residents’ requirements directly follow the specific 2 week rotation.

Longitudinal requirements include the preparation and presentation of a scientific research abstract, clinical vignette and poster presentation; and/or case-report suitable for publication. All internal medicine residents participate in monthly Journal Club activities, the annual College of Medicine Research Symposium, and are strongly encouraged to collaborate with faculty on research projects currently in progress. Other scholarly activities include the Downstate American College of Physicians (ACP) Scientific Meeting, and the Illinois Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting.


  • Introduce selected aspects of clinical and bio-medical research, including general research guidelines and protection of human subjects
  • Promote new research skills and knowledge, and an attitude of scholarly critique and inquiry through self-directed learning

Information for PGY I

Information for PGY II

Introduction to Clinical Research Curriculum

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