Medical Imaging

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Juan Jimenez, M.D.[send email]

Mission Statement

The introduction to Medical Imaging course will provide the student with a general understanding of the technologies available to Medical Imaging and how they are used to provide anatomic and physiologic data in the normal and pathologic setting.

At the completion of the course the student should be able to conceptualize how a disease process would tend to alter the normal imaging anatomy and thus have a general idea how the various modalities could be used to demonstrate the changes wrought by pathology in various situations.

The material of the course will be presented using teaching cases. Cases are selected for their teaching content with the goal towards gaining an understanding of the abilities and limitations of the technologies available. No attempt is made in the limited time to cover the full spectrum of pathology. Rather, after a general introduction, sessions are presented with organ system themes roughly paralleling the other presentations of the ICM course. Within the topic area, cases are selected to facilitate the student's understanding of how the imaging modalities can be applied within that system and how disease processes alter the imaging anatomy stressing commonality and themes.

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